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At Fairlawns we are committed to providing assistance and support to facilitate accessibility for our guests with special needs. Please call for a chat if you anticipate any difficulties, have special requirements, or if access to accessible cloakrooms or bedroom accommodation is required.

Following Access Audits the Company committed to a major programme of building alterations to facilitate accessibility to all areas of the building. Planning, financial, operational and logistical constraints mean that such a comprehensive programme can only reasonably be phased over several years. In the meantime, our team will be happy to discuss any special needs with a view to achieving the high standard of service, comfort and hospitality we aim to offer all guests.

We are delighted to offer one ground floor bedroom; this is partially adapted and offers the further benefit of direct access from & emergency exit to the car park. Also available are two further rooms which have been designed with the needs of wheelchair users in mind. These are on the first floor (lift service) of the Spa wing with convenient parking but direct access to main hotel facilities (restaurant, reception and private dining suites) involves going outside and around the buildings. This will continue to be necessary until a number of other projects have been completed as and when this statement will be updated, initially on the website and then on printed literature.

The Cedar, Board, Garden, Orchard and Willow Rooms are all situated on the ground floor but there are a number of internal steps, including two to the Restaurant. The Penthouse is a second floor suite. Until such time as our programme of improvements is complete there will not be an elevator in the main buildings.

Statement dated 1st June 2014

Printed information or pages from this website may be made available in large print upon request. Alternatively we will be delighted to talk you through our various facilities and offers.