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Dry floatation

A unique experience this treatment allows you to enjoy all the benefits of ordinary floatation but without the need to get wet. Sublime relaxation...

Look up at the starry sky or enjoy a herbal lavender eye mask and experience a sensation of weightlessness akin to that experienced when floating on water.  However unlike floating in the ocean or pool, where you need to contribute physically to staying afloat, this spa treatment allows you to be completely free from the effects of gravity.  This promotes deep and natural state of relaxation to help release tension, improve mental health and even encourage better sleep patterns, perfect for those who are stressed or suffering from insomnia.  

One treatment is the equivalent of several hours sleep, vastly improving your state of well-being, you simply lie lightly dressed or covered, and totally enveloped on a warm waterbed listening to soothing music.  You can enhance the treatment with the application of a warm results-driven Elemis oil.  

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Mini Dry Floatation - 10 min


A floating session on our dry floatation bed (you can wear light clothing), experience the benefits of weightlessness and try out this relaxing treatment whilst listening to relaxing music.  Allow 10 min. (P)

Dry Floatation - 20 min


A floating session on our dry floatation bed (you can wear light clothing), experience the benefits of weightlessness whilst listening to relaxing music.  Allow 20 min. (P)

Dry Floatation & Aromatherapy Wrap


Enjoy the deep relaxation of our Dry Floatation Bed. Our dry floatation experience is tailored to meet your individual needs, with your choice of a selection of results driven body oil, applied over the body to moisturise and treat your skin before your float. Allow 25 min. (P)

Dry Floatation Relaxation Experience


Enjoy a more indulgent Dry Floatation – we body brush your skin to increase circulation, then apply an Elemis Results driven oil to nourish and treat skin. Once you are wrapped up a mini scalp massage is performed to promote relaxation before leaving you to relax. Allow 40 min. (P – excludes body brush)

Dry Floatation & Body Scrub


A salt scrub to smooth skin is applied over the body (Choose Lime & Ginger or Frangipani), after you shower off your scrub a rich moisturiser is applied to absorb into the skin as you then float away. A facial cleanse and scrub is included to leave your body smooth and invigorated. Allow 50 min. (P-Frangipani)

Dry Floatation & Frangipani Body Wrap


Enjoy a lusciously fragranced body wrap using velvety monoi oils and super soft hydrating moisturisers from top to toe. Includes scalp massage and facial whilst you are warm and cocooned on the dry floatation bed and the mood balancing aromatics do their work. Allow 50 min. (P)

Dry Floatation & Detox Wrap


A nutrient rich detox wrap using thousand island flower earth wrap to remove toxins and nourishing green tea balm for skin detoxification and health. This superfood is rich in minerals, proteins and omegas boosting your body and state of mind. Allow 50 min.