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Our range of maternity treatments have been specially designed to leave your body relaxed and your mind refreshed ready for the big arrival. 

We recommend waiting until the second trimester when you will feel more comfortable and secure in your pregnancy and can fully enjoy your experience although the Peaceful Pregnancy Massage alongside most of our Spa Facials and Hand and Feet treatments can be adapted to all three trimesters. 

Further suggestions indicated (P) are also suitable during your second and third trimesters using selected oils and products. Including most facial treatments and all hands and feet treatment.  Please note if you have recently given birth or are breast feeding we recommend selecting these treatments too.

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Hands & feet


Peaceful Pregnancy Facial


A tailored facial with cleanse, tone, exfoliation and mask to refresh and balance hormonal skin. Allow 25 min. (P) 

Peaceful Pregnancy Back Massage


A soothing gentle massage suited to your individual needs in each trimester with supportive cushions to make you comfortable. Whilst helping to adapt to new changes and hormonal shifts, it relaxes muscle tension and balances fluid levels. Allow 35 min. (P) 

Peaceful Pregnancy Face & Back Therapy


A soothing gentle back massage followed by a booster facial to address the changes of pregnancy on your skin. Allow 55 min. (P)

Post Pregnancy Rose Restore


A lavishly hydrating body massage, body dusting and wrap with restoring rose oils to gently reward your body for its hard work. Suitable post-pregnancy when you are best to avoid deep massage and detoxing treatments. The perfect me-time at this precious stage of your life.  Allow 55 min. 

Peaceful Pregnancy Massage


A gently nurturing, specially formulated massage for mothers-to-be. An intuitive and relaxing massage that is adapted to each stage of pregnancy, hydrating skin that is expanding to accommodate a growing baby and easing tension.  Specialised positioning on our treatment beds are used to ensure the ultimate in safety, comfort and relaxation. Allow 65 min. (P)

Peaceful Pregnancy Face & Body Experience


A treatment combination that relaxes the entire body whilst gently addressing any visible effects of hormonal change of the skin, supporting it whilst it accommodates your baby. Includes the peaceful pregnancy massage for the body alongside an advanced facial, addressing the needs of your skin at this special time. Allow 1 hour 50 min (P)