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Electrical Vehicle - Charge on site

Quantity:  3 - dual point chargemaster electric vehicle chargers (6 charging bays).

Located: Car Park 3 Fairlawns Hotel - Bays clearly marked and reserved for guests charging their electric vehicles. 



Notes on use - click below for a charging guide:

To take advantage of this you need to register with POLAR -  the UK’s largest public charging network with over 5,000 charge points across the UK.

Customers can gain access to charge points through a subscription scheme known as POLAR plus with an easy to use card or fob

To join the POLAR network go to and fill out the online form. You will need to provide your card details to set up a direct debit instruction.

You will be sent a RFID card or key fob within a few working days that will allow you to easily activate all POLAR charge points.   POLAR operates a 24/7 customer help line 0330 016 5126. 

Or just download the POLAR instant ap and - pay as you go.




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