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Mud Chamber


For two guests £70, For three guests £85, 

For four guests £100  Click to book online

An exotic mud ritual inspired by ancient Arabian cleansing which takes place in a private steam and shower area for parties of two to four guests.

Apply different coloured medicinal chakra muds to specific areas of the body whilst inhaling the herbal steam that fills the chamber. The muds moisturise and exfoliate whilst the steam aids the detoxification process and relaxes the body. To complete the ritual a warm tropical rain shower pours down inducing a state of total relaxation.

On entering the private chamber a therapist will advise you how to apply the four differently coloured muds to specific areas of the body, then leave you to commence the treatment. 

You will have time to change in the private area (swimwear or the provided disposable underwear is appropriate), and apply the muds to the body before the herbal steam begins to enter the chamber. Relax and enjoy the cleansing process before a warm shower starts to gently rinse the mud. A shower is provided for you to take your time after the treatment.

Perfect to relax, cleanse and detoxify your body and a memorable experience with your partner or friend(s).

Treatment approx. 30 minutes, allow 40 minutes.

t: 01922 450707 (10am-5pm) e:  

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