Massages at Fairlawns Spa

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Relax and unwind

Whether you're looking to ease specific muscle pain, eliminate tension or just relax and unwind, you will find a massage to suit you. We offer a selection of traditional and unique treatments and they can all be tailored to you so speak to your therapist about any specific aches and pains. Different times are available for most treatments but we recommend at least 55 minutes for a full body massage.

  • Scalp and Shoulder Massage

    25 minutes - £39 | 40 minutes - £54

    Stiff necks, aching shoulders, and headaches are a common problem in our modern lives so let us ease the tension in your muscles and relax your mind with this rejuvenating head, neck and shoulder massage.

  • Swedish Massage

    25 minutes - £39 | 40 minutes - £54 | 55 minutes - £65

    Using gliding and kneading techniques with Elemis oil, this traditional massage will help to soothe your muscles. This massage can be tailored to you so speak to your therapist about any specific areas to focus on.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    25 minutes - £39 | 40 minutes - £54 | 55 minutes - £65

    Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles, and revive the senses with this deep massage. Using elbows and forearms and a blend of Elemis oils, this massage can target problem areas and release tension deep in your muscles.

  • Hot Stone Massage

    25 minutes - £44 | 40 minutes - £59 | 55 minutes - £70

    Using gently warmed natural stones and aromatic oils, this massage will help both your body and mind relax and unwind. The heat and pressure of the hot stones will warm your muscles and eliminate tension, leaving you feeling revitalised.

  • Lava Shell Back Massage

    25 minutes - £44 | 40 minutes - £59 | 55 minutes - £70

    Feel the tension ease in your back and neck muscles as warm lava shells are used to gently manipulate and release knots. Different parts of the exotic shells are used to massage those hard-to-reach areas and the warmth will help your muscles relax.

  • Poultice-Powered Massage

    50 minutes - £60

    This invigorating treatment uses unique poultices filled with amber and quartz to kneed deep into your muscles and dissolve tension.

  • Garden of England Rose Restore

    55 minutes - £65

    Your skin will feel intensely moisturised and nourished after this hydrating massage. Using a trio of rose, camellia and poppy seed oils to encourage skin renewal and restore elasticity.

  • Mineral Body Boost

    55 minutes - £65

    This unique massage uses ocean spa oil and amber balm to help alleviate muscular pain, remove toxins, condition your skin, and energise both your body and mind.

  • Melt-away Candle Massage

    55 minutes - £70

    Choose a scented candle then drift away during this warm oil massage. The amazing massage wax warms your senses and soothes your soul whilst deeply nourishing the skin. You can then take the remainder of your chosen candle home with you.

  • Aqua Massage Experience

    10 minutes - £15 | 20 minutes - £25

    Experience the ultimate body massage as you lie back on a warm waterbed listening to soothing music with aqua jets moving up the back of your body. You remain completely dry during this treatment so can wear swimwear or light clothing.

Treat yourself

Fancy spending the whole day with us? Our spa day packages have been carefully curated to offer everything you need to wind down. Go on, you deserve it.